Beauty Lounge

The present project concerns the renovation of a building of modern architecture in Nea Smyrni square, built in 1947 and the change of its use from a house to an aesthetic institute.




Nea Smyrni, Athens




Big See Interior Design Award 2022


At the entrance of the waiting area, the walls were covered with wooden slats of a semicircular cross-section. We followed the same philosophy in the design of the furniture, giving sculpture to the objects.

In terms of decoration, the interior oscillates between the modern and the classic, combining elements from both trends with the romantic element dominating. The wooden frames on the walls, the floral wallpapers, the velvet fabrics, the color choices with the strong contrasts, and the presence of the plants create a sense of the dream.
At the same time, our main concern was the preservation of the elements that reminded the former glamor of the house, such as the American oak on the floor with the intricate conical installation, but also the decoration on the roof.

Finally, the atmospheric lighting complements the sense of luxury and high aesthetics.

In terms of interior design, the reception area is centrally located and functions as a nucleus that directs traffic to the individual spaces, which are separated separately. This gesture has a double meaning. We wanted to remain faithful to the existing structure, maintaining the typology of the house that gives a sense of intimacy, while preserving the privacy of visitors.

Therefore, each use is housed in a different room, while the interventions were limited to the corridor doors, which were removed and replaced with arches not only to facilitate the passage, but also to add the element of curvature which dominates in the institute.

The Mirrors of the same diameter that are placed side by side, intensify this architectural element, following the rules of proportion and symmetry. They visually enlarge the space and give the illusion of multiple passages, but also the possibility of different views of the space.

The project was designed for the Beauty Lounge