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Labarch Design Studio, through its advantage of excellent training and continuous updating on matters of architecture, planning, legislation, materials technology, and decorative trends, offers a wide range of premium services to clients who are interested in creating a unique space.

Through a method with alternative scenarios, we offer unique ideas of high functionality and aesthetics.


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Chara Orfanoudaki

Founder, Lead Architect

After the completion of her studies at the Leontios High School and her successful entry into the Faculty of Architecture in the National Technical University of Athens, Chara Orfanoudaki, begins her long career as a member of the  Construction Company “Domisi Attikis SA”, originally as a member of the board and ten years later as the CEO. Since 2010 she has started a parallel collaboration as an Associate Architect of many architectural offices in Athens and an architectural office on the island of Corfu, as well as her collaboration with the  Technical Company “Chapsis Bros”.

In 2013, Chara Orfanoudaki decides to set up her own architectural office under the name “lab.arCH_laboratory of architecture” by introducing to her office a team of young and talented engineers of all disciplines (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and surveyors) as well as partners of other specialties, such as decorators and lighting design architects. The main goal and vision for the establishment of Labarch was the desire to create a better architectural future with respect to society, man, and nature. The emphasis on detail, the desires and needs of each client, and the integration of sustainable design as a key design tool have always been the principles followed during the project design process.

Chara’s constant architectural pursuits and her professionalism quickly established her in the field and resulted in her being awarded in two architectural competitions. In 2013 and 2015 the lab.arCH office was certified by the independent company “LETRINA” with ISO 9001 system for the perfect organization and high quality of services offered to its clients.


Our Team

Spiros Bouloukos

Project Manager, Director

Nadia Mitrokanelou

Architect Engineer, Designer

Ilektra Pouraki

Architect, Designer


Our Partners

Achilleas Gritzis

Civil Engineer

Thanassis Georgakopoulos

Civil Engineer

Nikos Tsolakolgou

Mechanical Engineer, MRes


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Awards and Publications


Interiors Awards 2022

Bronze - Coffee Avenue

Publication-Kataskeyes Ktirion Portal

Clean surfaces and simple lines in a renovated apartment in Voula

Publication -Yli kai Ktirio Magazine

Residence in Voula

Publication - Cozy Vibe

The architectural office lab.arCH makes an impressive "update" in a house in the Southern Suburbs

Publication - Cozy Vibe

A dreamed beauty salon by Labarch Architects

Publication-Cozy Home Magazine

Color Spectrum

Publication-Kataskeyes Ktirion Portal

Beauty salon with vintage decoration and modern touches in Nea Smyrni

Publication-Mononews_ Business stories of a new generation

White and Cycladic architecture combined in a unique way in a house in Serifos

Publication-Mononews_ Business stories of a new generation

The warmest and most modern ground floor! They renovated a house in 1960 in Egaleo

Distinction- Architecture Competition

Heraklion X4

Award- Architecture Competition and exhibition in Athens Concert Hall

GRE.A.T – GREek Architectural Talent